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Here is an interview of a good rider from Spain, Juan Luis Gonzalez. we saw  his videos of Southern Spain waves, and he took a good level those last months, it’s why i wanted to know more things about his life.

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Interview d’un bon rider nous venant de l’Espagne du Sud, Jean Louis Gonzalez. on avait vu ses vidéos avec leurs vagues dans l’Espagne du Sud, il y a un bon potentiel niveau spot. Juanlu a prit un bon niveau ces derniers temps, c’est pourquoi j’ai decidé d’en savoir plus sur le skim et son mode de vie.

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SE Hey Juanlu, can you describe you in few lines ?

JG Hi, My name is Juanlu Gonzalez, I have 22 years old, I am from Spain, in southern Spain to be exactly (Jerez de la frontera, Cadiz)


SE  When did you start skimboard and why ?

JG I started with boards world when was young, surfing being a kid, but my parents bought a house and everything change… I have stopped to ride. When I passed my driver’s license I started again to enjoy the waves. Now, I can’t stop … surfing + skimming.

SE What’s the thing that you love in Skimboard ?

JG I love slide far and come back to the sand, magic feeling. In my opinion, best of the sport is to have opportunity to know different people, visit new beaches, learning about other cultures and finding new friends.

SE What’s your favorite tricks ?

JG My favorite tricks … mmm so, maybe 360shovit after a good wrap, bigspins, frontside 180… I want to learn new things everytime.

SE Your best results in competition ?

JG Ohh no ! Competitions no, please, hahahha. I have finished 3rd for two times in the Champonship of Spain and 4th in Gorgo Contest. I have problems with finals, hahaha. The truth that I’m not a good competitor yet, but I’m working on it … This year will be better, for sure.

SE Do you have sponsors ?

JG Yes, Im sponsored by Dogflut Skimboards, a young but consistent Spanish boards company, I’m very happy with them. Also a surfshop, Tekekas-surfing, is supporting me.

SE Tell us a bit about Bomboliner, what is it ?

JG Bomboliner is a beach in Mijas (Málaga) and also a cartoon series based on real skimmer adeventures created by « Wuandonflo Calle » Really really fun! Take a look.

SE How do you see the future of Skimboard in Europe ?

JG  I think your site is part of the future in Europe, but we need to update it to be a viable, since the
skimboard in Europe is extensive … we need an ESL with different stops throughout Europe, and various sponsors … I think in the future we will can get it

SE Which spots are the best where you live ?

JG Depends on the season of the year, Summer and Winter are the best options. Summer is good to Faro de Trafalgar, a beach located in Barbate, you can skim every day (depending on the tides…) and winter work as well on various beaches located in Puerto de Santa María, needs a solid swell, but you can enjoy siders and liners. It’s nice to have it close to your home. There are a few options more too.

SE Did you know Skimboard Europe before ?

JG Not so much. Only than is an important skim site. Europe Skimboard should be more famous It’s
so good and I think than people do not know about it … Would be very important to the European skimboarding.

SE Practices other disciplines ?

JG Yes, lot of surfing or skurfing when conditions are good, but my main sport is SKIMBOARD!!

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Europe or United States ?


Sider or Liner ?


France or Portugal ?


Sunset or Sunrise ?


Blond or Brune ?


Cap-ferret or Aliso ?

I need to go Cap-Ferret to know

   French Kiss or Friendship

French Kiss

  I give you the last word

The Skimboard is part of my life

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