Let’s Party By Steve Taylor ITW


Here is an interwiew of a skimboarder, team rider Exile, owner of Let’s party and also a good friend. I really wanted to make something about Let’s party Traction and him so here it is


SE : So who is behind those brand of pads and all of this story, Who is this sexy beast ?

S.T : Ahaha, well my name is Steve Taylor I am currently 29 years old and I am the Owner of Let’s Party Traction. I also am the Operations Manager for Exile Skimboards.  My only sponsor is Exile Skimboards, though I don’t really consider myself a team rider as much as a Team Manager and Manager of the brand Exile.

SE : How it is to work in what we love to do most, i mean Skimboard ?

S.T : I absolutely love working in the Skimboard and Extreme Sport industry.  The reason I started Let’s Party Traction was in hopes that I will be able to stay in this industry and help it grow my whole life.

SE : What’s Let’s party for those who don’t know ?

S.T : Let’s Party is the newest and hippest traction pad and accessory company in the World.  We are here to support skimboarding, as well as branch out into the surf industry, but our near term goals are to support riders who care about the sport of skimboarding and who care about other people.

SE : Does it begin to spread in California ?

S.T : The brand is definitely taking off in California and truly worldwide.  We have a distributor in Chile, Spain, Portugal, Taiwan, Japan, Netherlands, Mexico and other places around the world, and hopefully in France soon too J

SE : Which riders do you have in the Team ?

S.T : Our top Pros right now are Blair Conklin, Brandon Sears, Axel Cristol, Perry Wells, Harley Nelson, Johnny Salta, Leandro Azevedo, Perry Pruitt, and Renato Lima.  We have a ton of solid Am riders that are pushing the brand just as hard if not harder as well.

SE : Why this logo ? That cat especially ?

S.T : The Tripod comes from my blog with Harley Nelson and Aaron Fujimoto, www.followthetripod.com .  Let’s Party started because I wanted to do more with the blog and more with my life.  The logo may change in the future but for now it will remain the same. The cat is just hilarious and I totally stole it from the hilarious video of Skifcha the cat listening to crazy Skrillex type music.  I love cats and I think they’re funny as hell so I wanted to keep the brand fun and young feeling.

SE : When did you create that brand of pads ?

S.T : It’s been in the works for about 2.5 years now, and finally starting to take off to where I would like to see it go.

SE : Why a brand of traction pads ? tell us ?

S.T : The main reason is that I feel skimboarding needed a company that they can relate to.  We’re not surfing, we’re skimboarders.  I love to surf and to support surfers, but when it came down to it, the only real brand that is doing anything big for skimboarding whatsoever was our friends at Freak.  And it’s impossible for one traction brand to support every single event and every rider so I said, you know what I have the resources and the drive and desire to help my fellow skimboarders, and I am able to support riders that don’t necessarily ride for Exile which is great.  It’s been a great experience so far and I’m excited for the future.

Quick test


Blond or Brune ? Brune, duh.

Cabo or Taiwan ?  Oh man. If I could bring Cabo waves, and Cabo locals to Taiwan than I’d say Taiwan all day.  Vamonos a Taiwan. Ni Hao Taiwan.

Beater or Odyssea ? Odyssea all day.  No point in the beater for me.  It’s either skim a real skim, or surf a real surf (or at least close to a real surf).

Frontside or Backside ?  Is this like the Blonde Brune question or are we talking riding waves ? How about I answer both types in 1 answer: I’ll take a clean frontside to a dirty backside any day !

Sushis or Burgers ?  Spaghetti and Ice cream.

Sunset with a girl or sunrise surfing Aliso ?  Sunrise Skimming Aliso for sure!  Save the romantic crap for when you can’t surf/skim anymore! ;)

Final Words:

 S.T : Thanks to people like you Axel who are doing the extra work and putting in all of your heart and soul into skimboarding and showing the youth what’s possible to do with your dreams.  You are the reason I am so stoked, without people like you and your drive, the rest of us would give up.



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