Last week i was in Delaware, East Coast, with Jason Wilson, owner of AlleyOop skimboard, Zap Rider, and also a super good guy. First time i met him was in France 2 years ago during the UST in France and then saw him in Brazil a couple weeks ago. He picked me up at the airport the first day then I stayed few days with him at his house, he showed me how was his town, Dewey beach and ride with him by the way i really wanted to do an interwiew with him about his life and AlleyOop !


S.E : Firstly can you present yourself tothe Europeans who know you yet?

J.W : My name is Jason Wilson, age 31 from Dewey Beach, Delaware. I am owner of Alley-Oop and also work and ride for Zap Skimboards and Dewey Vacation Rentals. I would like to mention my sponsors for the ongoing support: Freak Traction, LRG clothing, and Janga Wetsuits.

S.E : Since when you’re practice Skimboard ?

J.W : I started skimboarding around 5 or 6. My father owned a surf shop and manufactured Sandblaster Skimboards. I always had them around which led to a life long addiction.

S.E : What happened last Week-End ?

J.W : This past week we had the South Side Shoot Out. It’s a skimboarding contest i organize in Delaware annually. It has become a prime stop on the UST so a lot of the best guys come out to compete and get a taste of the Delaware waves and lifestyle. This year the waves were not as good as last but we had something to hit and everyone seemed to have a good time.

S.E : Tell us a bit about AlleyOop, what is it ?

J.W : Alley-Oop is a skimboarding company. We teach people how to ride and sell the best equipment for people to use skimming. We also have a pretty nice line of clothing and accessories which expresses our style as a brand and company.

S.E : Does AlleyOop begins to spread in the U.S. ?

J.W : It seems like Alley-Oop is getting more recognized every year. We have a new website dropping this summer that will have international shipping and a better shopping interface than what we currently offer online. I think it is going to lead to some growth in the company.

S.E: Tell us you’re trip un Brasil… ?

J.W : Brazil was fun. it was an epic contest! The trip did not personally go how I expected it to after sustaining a deep cut and bone bruise from my board hitting my shin. It was a pretty hard mental fuck but I just did my best to stay positive and enjoy the vacation and special moment in skimboarding. I have skimmed good Sununga and I will be back to get some more as soon as possible!

S.E : What is the AO Skim Camps ?

J.W : At Alley-Oop we run skimboarding camps in the summer for kids age 5-16. We have been teaching for about 13 years. www.alleyoopskim.com

S.E : What do you think about the Skimboard in Europe ?

J.W : I like skimboarding in Europe. I have had 4 fun trips there to Portugal and France for contest and filming. We also got a great session at San Sebastian in Spain during the UST France waiting period. I have had some memorable sessions in Europe! I want to come skim Cap Ferret!

S.E : Practices of other disciplines ?

J.W : I like to surf and am really into music. I work a lot so it’s mainly work, skim, and spend time with my fiance Trisha who i am getting married to in September !

S.E : How do you see the future of the world skim later ?

J.W : I think we will continue to slowly turn heads on our skimboards but feel like we will always be relatively underground. I hope to see new involvement from outside companies sponsoring our top riders. I think we definitely have people with special skills and personalities in our sport that can represent and be great promotional figures for many brands. I think we will eventually figure out the best way to showcase our sport in competition and in turn sponsors, prize money, and coverage will increase.

S.E : Which are the best spots for Skim on the East Coast

J.W : The best spots on the East Coast for skimboarding are : South Side Indian River Inlet, Naval/Gordons Pond Jetties, OBX, New Jersey, Vilano Beach when it’s on.


 East Coast or West Coast ?

East Coast

The Wedge or Sununga ?


France or Portugal ?

Portugal because my brother Mega lives there. I need to go back to France to skim cap feret then I will probably choose France

Liners or siders ?


Basketball or baseball ?


Sunset or Sunrise ?


Blond or Brune ?

Blonde like my fiance Trisha

French kiss or Friendship ?

French kiss

I give you the last words ?



Alley-Oop Skim: Late Summer Hurricane Swell from Alley-Oop Skim on Vimeo.

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