Crunch Time Skim Movie


Crunch Time est le nouveau film de Skimboard. Sortit depuis à peine 1 semaine, vous pouvez désormais l’acheter sur Itunes en cliquant sur ça > CrunchyCrunchCa < ou bien si vous êtes en Californie, disponible dans les shops : Exile Skimboards, Victoria Skimboards, Thalia SurfShop. Ce film de barjos et créée par 2 frères barjos, les Bryans, Bill et George. Deux gros rideurs connus dans le monde entier. Ils auront le plaisir de vous faire découvrir un max de skimboardeurs scorant les plus belles vagues du monde.

Crunch time is the new Skimboard movie. Already released since 1 week, you can buy it on Itunes. Just click on this > CrunchyCrunchCa < or if you are in California, available in few shops : Exile Skimboard, Victoria Skimboard, Thalia SurfShop.This crazy movie is made by 2 brothers, the Bryans, Bill & Georges. 2 big legend of skimboard, known in all around the world. Starring a bunch of skimboarders destroying the best waves in the world


Zoltan TorkosSam Stinett
Brandon Sears
Corey Ryan
Jaime Martinez
Austin Keen
Alejandro Garcia
Brad Domke
Blair Conklin
Juan Carlos
George Bryan
Bill Bryan

Crunch Time


Plot Summary

888003167780_1_1.227x227-75« The sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Make you want to move your dancing feet. » Bob Marley said it best. Nothing is better than unreal shore break or one of the world’s best sidewashes, when the conditions are at their best. Crunch Time brings you years of experience from today’s top riders to put you in the right place at the right time. Wintertime discovery journeys in Mainland Mexico, summertime East Coast hurricane swells, fall California road trips from Laguna Beach to Santa Cruz, and spring maxed out Wedge followed by wraps under the Cabo San Lucas Arch. Crunch Time is skimboarding: a critical moment or period (as near the end of the game) when decisive action is needed. A great movie you can watch anytime at a great price. Feed your eyes what they need.





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